How Using Vertical Gardens Can Help Transform Your Building

If you live in the inner city, you’ll be well aware of the lack of greenery in your area. With strong competition for residential space, many modern houses and apartments are being designed without any space allocated for gardening. This can create an atmosphere of blandness and pollution. Although most modern cities do have parks, they are often far away from most residential areas and many major cities may have very few ‘green’ areas. However, limited space cannot stop an avid gardener from creating a wonderful garden. If you live in an area where gardening space is not part of your building, you could consider creating a good vertical garden along the walls of your building. Creating a vertical garden is an innovative way to make the most of your limited space and incorporate natural elements into you building. This can create an aesthetically pleasing environment in the busy inner city.

Regardless of whether you live in an inner city flat or a spacious house, hanging gardens can add value to your building in many ways. The main benefit of such gardens is that they allow homeowners to blend natural elements into their property to enhance the beauty of their residence. Flowers and other hanging gardens can decorate your walls and create a beautiful impression, especially in the spring. Vertical gardens can be created using minimal materials. These plants can be grown from minimal amounts of soil that ca n be attached to walls via small pot plants. Alternatively, many vertical gardens have crawler plants that climb the wall while their roots are based in the ground below. Not only do these gardens use less space, they also require less water and can be maintained without much hassle. Although vertical gardens are more common in residential areas, you may also find them in offices, malls and other industrial buildings.

Vertical gardening has many practical uses as well. The layer of plants along your walls act as an insulator against the heat in summer and can help cool down buildings naturally. House with more greenery also have better ventilation which creates a fresh atmosphere. Studies have shown that having plants around you can improve your mental state and prevent many issues such as anxiety and depression. Many inner city residents can grow fruits and vegetables using vertical gardens. Tomatoes, berries and grapes are common in vertical gardens. In this way, creating a vertical garden can be economically viable as well. People in the city can use vertical gardens as a method of reducing pollution and improving the air quality. Creating a vertical garden on the outside of your house can also improve the overall image of your city.